Guarded Remote Work Policy

1. Scope: This policy applies to all employees of Guarded who meet the criteria for remote work and have the necessary resources to perform their duties outside of the company’s office.

2. Eligibility: Employees whose work does not require their physical presence at the company's offices and who have demonstrated the ability to work independently may request approval to work remotely.

3. Work Hours & Expectations: While work hours are flexible, employees are expected to complete their assigned tasks and projects on time and maintain the quality of their work. Employees should communicate their general availability and any changes to their schedule to their managers and teams.

4. Communication: Microsoft Office 365 and Teams will be the primary tools for internal communication. All employees are expected to maintain active communication with their teams and respond to communications in a timely manner.

5. Data Privacy & Security: All business-related data and documents must be stored and accessed through the secure, web-based platforms provided by Guarded. Employees are responsible for maintaining the security of their work environment and must adhere to the company's data privacy and security policies.

6. Technology & Equipment: Employees can use their own devices or, after one year of continuous service, qualify for a company-provided workstation. All devices used for work must comply with Guarded's policies on authentication, surveillance, patching, updates, and anti-malware solutions.

7. Expense Reimbursement: Guarded will reimburse employees up to $70 per month for internet services. Employees should submit their internet bills in accordance with the company's expense reimbursement policy.

8. Work-Life Balance & Well-being: Guarded encourages employees to take regular breaks, establish a regular work routine, use their time off, and engage in physical activities. We also recommend creating an ergonomic workspace to promote health and productivity.

9. Community & Engagement: To maintain our strong company culture, Guarded will hold bi-weekly team meetings and quarterly social events. We will also host a year-end event to celebrate our collective achievements. Participation in these events, while optional, is strongly encouraged.

This policy may be reviewed and revised periodically to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of our employees and our company.