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At Guarded, we believe in creating strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. Our Affiliate Programs are designed to cater to diverse collaboration needs, whether you're looking to fully integrate our services into your business model or simply earn by referring clients. As a leader in cybersecurity solutions, we provide robust support and competitive benefits to our affiliates. Join us in our mission to make digital security accessible and effective for businesses worldwide. Explore our programs and find the perfect fit for your business goals.

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Core Programs

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Referrer Program

  • Earn by referring new clients to Guarded.
  • Simple, no-commitment process.
  • Ideal for those with business networks in need of cybersecurity.
  • Receive a fee for each successful client acquisition.
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Partner Program

  • Add Guarded's solutions to your service portfolio.
  • Earn commission for each client you onboard.
  • Strengthen your offerings with top-tier cybersecurity.
    • Marketing and sales support from Guarded.
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White Label Program

  • Offer Guarded services under your own brand.
  • Set your own pricing structure.
  • Access services at wholesale rates.
  • Full support from Guarded for seamless integration.


Increased Income

Earn substantial commissions or fees, enhancing your revenue streams through our competitive and scalable affiliate compensation models.

Expand Services

Expand your service offerings with Guarded's cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, increasing your market appeal and customer trust.

Generate New Business

Leverage Guarded's established brand and reputation in cybersecurity to build credibility and attract more clients to your business.

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